Things that are like/inspired Prophet of the Sun:

Never Satisfied

I've been following Never Satisfied since it came out when I was still in high school and it has been a big inspiration to me. It's a perfect blend of silly/scary, with an incredibly diverse cast of well developed characterst that are all interesting in their own right.


Paranatural is SO FUNNY. The cast is rich and interesting, the plot is mysterious as hell, but above all Every Single Joke lands so well. (I still think about the attached page like once a month)

Kill Six Billion Demons

Idk what to say about KSBD its insane fantasy epic full of violence and incredible world building. The setting is crazy cool and MOST IMPORTANTLY taught me the valuble lesson that you can redesign your protagonist as much as you want :)


A finished webcomic I read years ago but still pings around my brain like the dvd logo. The protagonist makes her way through a magical land using the power of INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE, but eventaully all her monster killing takes a toll on her psyche and she begins to become a monster. Delicious corruption arc. Yum yum yum.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

This book rewrote my brain chemistry in high school (along with a bunch of other classic french literature.) I'm obsessed with tortured catholic protagonists :)

The Locked Tomb Series by Tamsyn Muir

Crazy good books about insane lesbians. I muddle through every book having no idea what the hell is going on until the 3rd act and then I'm hooting and hollerin.

She Who became the Sun

I read this after most of PoTS was written but it's like it was created in a lab for me to love it. Genderweird protagonists, fire and sun imagery, protag is a lesbian buddist monk whose quest to rise from poverty corrupts her... wow.

Nacho Libre

I will not be explaining myself.


Yaassss queen!! get what you want!! Even if you have to destroy everyone around you to do it!! #slay

The Green Knight

It's the combo of unmatched pathetic little guy swag and nonlinear storytelling for me.


Murder mystery where you are a renaissance artist working at a monastery. The setting is exactly up my alley.

Materia Magicka

Honorable mention, this game inspired the character of the Prophet. I wanted to play a pacificst but it's an old school rpg where the only way to progress beyond the tutorial is killing a shit ton of low level creatures like bunny rabbits.

Disco Elysium

tbh haven't finished this one because it gives me migranes. but harry du bois is very special to me.